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Prepping for
In Home Photos

It's really not as bad as you think!

01. The Setting

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So yes, I will be in your home. And I will have a camera. If you’re anything like me, you are probably thinking of all unfinished house projects and pile of mail and laundry you still have to sort through. Do not fret! For I do not care! We will not be using your entire home for photos, just some key rooms.

These key rooms are the family room, the kid’s room, and the parent’s room (if that’s a common gather area).  Your family will be positioned in front and facing any natural light that is coming into the room.


02. The Details

It’s easy to forget about the little decorative pieces that make your house your home. These are little pieces of your home that may be forgotten years down the road. This is why I take time to photograph the details. So feel free to bring out your favorite blankets, books or stuffed animals. Even t if they’re not ‘pretty’ they are ‘you’! I want to capture your family and hour home in it’s rawest form.

03. Outfits

Asking about outfits is the one most popular questions that come up for In Home sessions. As far as style, I ask clients to completely dress for themselves, not for others. By that I mean, wear an outfit you love being in; don't wear an outfit you want people to see you in. It's easy to hop on Pinterest and find the trends, but this session is for you and your generations of family members. We want them to look back and see your as you are.

With that said, I do have a few recommendations. They are more "dont's" rather than "do's". Here we go,
1. Avoid shirts with name brands, cartoon characters or logos. As fun as they are, they can be distracting. 
2. Don't wear too many stiff layers. Since we will be home we want the photos to look and feel as comfy and cozy as possible. Wearing a super cute leather jacket or fitted sweaters can make it look unrealistic. Opt of something flowey and cozy.
3. Be careful with intense colors. I love bright clothing, but make sure they are bright and airy and not stark and neon.
4. When in doubt, do all neutrals. Khaki, white, cream, tan paired with soft blues and greens will always be stunning. It's great to lighting and skin tones. You can't go wrong with jeans and a neutral tee. Try to shy away from too much black.


04. Prepare to Feel Silly

Listen, I know this photo session isn't going to be the best part of your day. You're going to love the photos int he end, but the process is always intimidating. Now add in the fact that I'm in your home, your personal space, taking photos of you. It's a lot to take in, I know.

But try to take a breath, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to keep photos light heart-ed and fun for the family. I love kids and so far they all seem to like me! Getting approval of the kids is important to me, their little faces can tell a whole store. If they think I'm kinda cool or silly, then they will let their little guards down and show their true personalities.

As far as the grown ups, I will tell you if you look uncomfortable I will tell you. You may feel uncomfortable at times, but I'll make sure nobody knows it. ;) If you look bad, I look bad; we are on the same team! So try not to worry about how to sit, where to look or what to do. I will tell you everything you need to do to make these photos look happy and interactive.
I got you!


05. Relax!

Relax relax relax, you're going to do great! I know this because you have me and I'm 100 committed to you! This is going to be really really special!

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