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What's Changed!?

First of all, how exciting is this new website!? I had a brilliant branding coordinator help me piece together my crazy ideas into something tangible I can present to clients. Her name is Keely and she is HIGHLY recommended! Info below!!

Secondly, many things have changed the last few years. All for the better! I've made mistakes, I've grown and I'm now moving forward.
Clean Slate.

Lastly, I've been MIA for the last 18months. I feel like I owe an explanation to those who supported me and 'my team' the last 6 years. I have always wanted my clients to feel like family; a name change and team change deserves an explanation of how my life changes affect the business.

I also feel I owe a cliff notes version into what has happened. So feel free to read along my poorly written satire OR enjoy the little cliff notes of topics I plan to cover.... If I were you I would use the cliff notes. You aren't missing much.

Cliff Notes //  What has changed and other non-important details:

- I'm no longer married

- This was 4 years in the making, I hid it as long as I could

- My clients were wonderful as I was given the new title of 'divorced wedding photographer'

- I am now branding for myself instead of a team! And I love it!

- Kyle & Danielle left the photography industry.

- I don't hate them! I wish them a happy life together. YOLO!

- I have big plans for 2017, as do all of us!

Yes, I am no longer married and that is ok. I wouldn't have to talk about it had I not decided to start a business BASED off our marriage. Business mistake number one. I chose to make my marriage a vital part of my business. The pressure to uphold the image of perfect-hipster couple was suffocating. I held up that image for years, I did a great job. I lied to whoever I needed to lie to to keep anyone from questioning my marriage and my business.

If I didn't think 'husband and wife team' wasn't hard enough, I decided to bring one of my closest friends into the perfect team allusion. So there I was, posting and writing about how I had everything together and how I had one big happy photography dream business. I gave no warning to anyone and I pretended around too many people for anyone to know what was going on behind my photography. That is a mistake I will have to live with. I should have been honest years ago.

Being a divorced wedding photographer was something I was greatly ashamed of. I was worried my brides would look back at our times together and question every genuine moment I had with them. I was worried they would hate my photos because a cranky lady was jaded on a day that brought painful memories for her. I was worried they would talk about the juicy gossip they've picked up while I was going through the most painful years of my life. I was just too worried about what other people may have thought.

BUT I was so compleeeeeeeeeetley wrong. My brides and their families loved me and supported me without question! They were patient with me when I was forgetful as I moved my entire life and lost both my second shooters during wedding season. They gave me months to pick myself back up and regroup. They gave me peace in a time of chaos.

However ...

There were/are times when people ignored me, regular clients stopped working with me and a few events I sponsored stopped asking me back. I lost income when I needed it the most as I learned to support Iris and I alone. So I did what I had to do, I started serving and bar tending at night. I would come home at 3am and then go pick up Iris at 6am. At first it was embarrassing as I would run into clients on occasion but shortly after I become proud of my hustle.

The moments when I experienced unkindness broke my heart BUT they were all life lessons. I appreciate kindness more than ever, however big or small. I am so incredibly thankful for those who stuck with me for the ride. You know who you are!! Yes! You! I love you!!

So, yeeaa. It was bad but it was also good. So what now?

Now I am fully running the business alone. To be honest... I was doing in alone from the start BUT I'm no longer branding myself as a 'team'. So where's the team now? Kyle and Danielle left the photography industry and have moved on in life together as a couple. Do I hate them? No, not anymore. I've always liked Danielle and clearly I liked Kyle, so it just seems like good math to me. I wish them the happiest of lives together!

As of now, I don't plan on taking down photos of my 'old' team. Why? Cause I do cherish the times we had together. And I know the brides who hired me {us} are thankful for the times we worked together to document such a special day.

Moving forward I plan to take Native Iris Photography to lovely places! I hope to turn this into an outlet for 'Whitney' rather than just a photography website. I plan to document my life, my job as well as others. I plan to be apart of my community as much as I can and I give back as much as possible. I have a bunch of fun directions for this business ... maybe not just photography ... WINK!  ;] ;] This new brand will be a fun part of my life with Iris.

In conclusion:
I am no longer branding myself based off what I think people want to see.
I am just a girl with a daughter, a camera and a cute new website!
Clean Slate.


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