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I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes of life as a photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Kailtlynn + Adam | Elopement

Wash and Forgive. Dry and Forget.

Kaitlynn and Adam had the loveliest hand-washing ceremony with their parents and grandparents. They hired IRIS + HONEY to design and coordinate their elopement. All they had to do was tell I+H their vision, approve the final designs and show up to their ceremony! Native Iris was thrilled to be there to photograph their evening.

Within the first consultation it was clear the direction IRIS + HONEY should take with Kaitlynn and Adam. Bohemian. Vintage. Earthy. Spiritual. Relaxed. I + H knew right away that Betty the Bus had to be in attendance for the ceremony. This turned out to be a popular choice for the grandparents! During cocktails we heard fun stories from both sets of grandparents about the adventures they had in their Volkswagen van. But Betty isn't just pretty, she's also functional. Inside Betty is a full snap and print photo booth! The photos taken inside The Photo Bus Cincy are keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

Queen City Vignette provided a drink cart, stemware, a rug and {our favorite} copper chairs. There was just enough color to make their location fun without being overbearing. Flower genius, Brittany from Homegrown Floral Gifts created the loveliest bridal flowers. Heidi from 44th & Luxe Events ran the event as our day-of coordinator and the IRIS + HONEY stylist came to set up the scene according to Kaitlynn and Adam's approved designs.

Before Kaitlynn and Adam's vows they were led by their officiant to wash their hands.
As they washed each others hands, Morgan reminded them that whatever difficulties you may have experienced, today you have decided that your love is bigger than any of them, and you have chosen a life together. Water brings forgiveness and we all need forgiveness. We need to forgive others and we need to forgive ourselves.

As they dried each others hands, Morgan reminded them that we have to be vulnerable — it breaks through isolation and in our own vulnerability, we become more caring and understanding of our mate. In a loving and compassionate marriage, to achieve the greatest intimacy, you must have the courage to be open and vulnerable to each other.

 Thank you Kaitlynn and Adam for entrusting us with your ceremony! And thank you for the beautiful daily reminder to Wash and Forgive, and Dry and Forget. Congrats you two!

- Whitney