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Little Vignette's of Life


I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes and adventures here in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Irrodesent Bungalow

" Let's kick off 2018 with a bright and shiny, photo shoot, inspired by some of our new favorite unicorns: The Crystal Collection and this magical iridescent material. This photo shoot was the precursor to an actual birthday party at the Frock to celebrate our friend Crystal, who I can only describe as a magical. She was such an inspiration and pillar of support for me in 2017, and she had the good sense to have a birthday in January, which is a great time to hit the refresh button. This tropical escapist "jungalow" vibe is just a taste of what we hope to put out into the event world in the coming years. Here's to more color, playfulness, and unicorn poop (sour watermelon candies)."
 - Amber & Emma of Queen City Vignette

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