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Little Vignette's of Life


I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes and adventures here in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Iris turns six!

My spunky little toddler is now a big kid. We try to stick to only one big photo shoot a year because she already sees my camera as work and I don't want her getting too tired of them. Believe it or not, most of my photos of her are on my phone. I would say a solid 90% of them. And that's quite alright with me!

She loves baby hippo Fiona, she carries around her cat Sharon like she's a stuffed animal and she's doing this really frustrating thing where if you ask for a high five she'll give it to you with an elbow or her foot... it drives me crazy! That's the extent of what I like to share on the world wide web so I'll let her little personality shine through her six year old photo shoot!
xo- Whitney