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I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes and adventures here in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Dusty Spring Wedding

Oh, this one was fun. Our Dusty Spring wedding was inspired by the interior of our sweet little venue, The Frock. This dusty spring color palette is drawn from the vibrant pop of color from the interior of their venue without overshadowing the airy elements. As plans came along we fabricated our couple's names, Clementine Ann Farris and John Dee Gruppi. Once we created Clementine and John, we were set to design their dream wedding ...

For this styled shoot I decided to work with a wedding coordinator, so I grabbed coffee with a local coordinator, Heidi, from 44th and Luxe. Her work seemed similar to my style and her blog and business was very well established. THAT turned out being the best decision I've ever made. She was everyone's second pair of hands and eyes that day. Another blog post will be dedicated fully to Heidi, but today I want to share these amazing photos... so here we go!

Now let me introduce you to our team:

Photography: Native Iris Photography ... yours truly
Coordination: Heidi, owner of 44th and Luxe Events
Venue: The Frock
Venue Styling: Emma and Amber, owners of Queen City Vignette
Graphic Design & Calligraphy: China, owner of Olive Paper Co.
Flowers: Brittany, Owner of

Craft Cocktails: Watershed Distillery
Custom Cut Champagne Flute: Artist, Maggie Mischenko

Bridal Gowns: LUXEredux Bridal, Morgan was our amazing stylist
Suit: Jayson, owner and styling genius at Geno's Tux Plus
Glam: Lindsay, owner of Makeup By Lindsay
Custom Jewelry: Brittany, wife of the husband and wife dou of Gem Steady

This ceremony set up was a beautiful collaboration between Brittany from Homegrown Floral Gifts as well as Emma and Amber from Queen City Vignette. We were very inspired by the white archway of the stage as well as the depth of the aisle. I LOVE when we get to use QCV's copper chairs! I'm currently scheming ways I can use them in my own home... accepting ideas...

The craft cocktails from Watershed Distillery were a struggle not to drink! Every mixture they created look refreshing and delicious, exactly what you want for a spring gathering. Looking at these photos makes me want to summer in the Hamptons and brunch my life away.

Our sweet heart table was created by Queen City Vignette, Homegrown Floral Gifts and Olive Paper Co. Two things I love:
1. The gold candelabra from Homegrown Floral Gifts can break down into two pieces. The top can mount to the candelabra or can lay flay on the table. Completely versatile and functional!
2. Those. Gold. Flamingos...bravo Queen City Vignette!

I fell in love with our floral reception dress the moment Morgan from LUXEredux Bridal brought it out, THIS is the dress for our Clementine. Once we found the dress we walked next door to visit Jayson from Geno's Tux Plus where he helped us select a men's spring look. Both paired with matching flowers from Homegrown Floral Gifts.

And with that I will end with some of my favorite moment's of our moments behind the scenes. I get by with a little help from my friends ...