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Natural Light | Loveland, OH
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I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes of life as a photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Cagnie - Senior Portraits

Cagnie is a doll! Ah!

She was open to all the suggestions I offered her and was a total trooper as we walked throughout Historical Loveland last Sunday evening. Before our session we briefly discusses the direction and style she would like for her portraits. We decided to shoot in a modern, photo-journalistic style; channeling our inner "Brunch Date Cagnie". So fun!

Cagnie's mother and cousin, Brittany, tagged along and it was as if I was spending time with my own family that day. They made me laugh til my stomach hurt and were all around wonderful to be around. They were even cool with the fact that I kept calling 'Brittany' and 'Brooke' ... You would think I could remember 'Brittany' since it's so close to 'Whitney' AND I have a sister named 'Brittany'. Nope.

Enjoy a few of my favorites photos from our session.
xo - Whitney