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Little Vignette's of Life


I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes and adventures here in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Andrew - Campaign Photos

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Andy while he was riding his bike down the Loveland Bike Trail. I just happen to be finishing a senior session and was walking back to my car as Andy took notice of my camera bag. He quickly stopped by and asked me for a business card. Did I have business cards on me? No. Where were they, you ask? At home, on my desk ... where they're the most useful to me. I did the best I could and quickly gave him my business name and website address.

I walked away thinking two things:
I was probably never going to hear from Andy again.
2. I should really put my business cards in my bag. BUT BEHOLD! I get an email from Andy that same night and we were able to book his campaign photos.  Note to self: Andy can remember things, awesome!

The best way to describe Andy would be if you mixed Jim Halpert and Ben Wyatt and The-Teacher-You-Never-Want-to- Disappoint all into one. So, yea... my time with Andy was extremely pleasant. He is funny, easy to talk to and completely trusted my direction. I've never given another person the liberty to write on my blog but when you come across a Jim Halpert and Ben Wyatt and The-Teacher-You-Never-Want-to- Disappoint type person ..... you let them write on you blog. You just do.

If you are living in the city of Loveland I highly encourage you to do some reading on Andy and his mission statement for our city. And please consider voting in Andy this upcoming election.

I'll let Andy take it from here!
- Whit

** Update: Business cards are still not in my camera bag.

Guest Post from Andy Bateman

A Jim Halpert, Ben Wyatt, Teacher-You-Never-Want-To-Disappoint type Candidate for Loveland Ohio.

I’ve lived in the Loveland area for over 20 years and the downtown area has a special quality that is difficult to describe. For those new to the area it is often called cute or quaint. True enough, but for me there is a little more substance beneath the charming exterior. A rich history of small town entrepreneurship is alive and well within the current occupants of our historic buildings. Evident in the familiar faces I see strolling down the bike trail is a strong sense of community. Being able to say hello to a new neighbor or an old friend from school is what old Loveland means to me.
I value the insight that often comes from seemingly coincidental instances, because I believe that in life, nothing is by accident. We find ourselves in conversations from time to time with people that can impact our lives without even realizing it. It’s important to notice these moments in real time and to give credence to them. When I met Whitney, she was shooting for someone’s senior pictures and I rode by on my bike and asked if she’d be willing to take some pictures for my City Council campaign. It was a brief interaction but once I visited her website I realized I had encountered someone who could capture my version of Loveland. I was nervous about getting my picture taken and posing as a serious politician but Whitney’s approach and demeanor helped me let my guard down and I felt more comfortable and more confident as a result. These are the types of days I hope to have more of as a representative for the city. I can learn something from each person and I believe that just by spending time listening to the experiences of others I can make decisions that have been filtered through the hearts and minds of the people that like me, call Loveland their home.
I know that Loveland politics have always been a bit pesky. The human instinct to be on one side or another is magnified by the presence of political power. Loveland has gone through this before and it likely will go through it again. My position is that I am an independent resident of Loveland, I owe no allegiance to any group or organization or faction currently on council. I’m just here to serve the residents of the city I live in and I plan to do it with common sense and empathy for what is right.
For those who know me I am counting on your support and for those who don’t I want to make myself available to all inquiries. The official campaign address is and I will be going door-to-door to introduce myself to as many people as I can. I look forward to meeting you!

- Andy Bateman