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I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes of life as a photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cagnie - Senior Portraits

Cagnie is a doll! Ah! She was open to all the suggestions I offered her and was a total trooper as we walked throughout Historical Loveland last Sunday evening. Before our session we briefly discusses the direction and style she would like for her portraits. We decided to shoot in a modern, photo-journalistic style; channeling our inner "Brunch Date Cagnie". So fun!

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Christopher - Portraits

This was an overall great photo session with a super cool guy. They don't get much cooler than Chris. We spent most of our time together talking about his interest in sport videography. I didn't have much insight to give him on that topic other than he should definitely go for it!

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Abigail | Senior Portraits

 I love when I get to photograph someone as soft spoken as Abigail. I get to take a beautiful and gentle personality and share it with the world. We both wanted to capture ‘movement’ in her photos and she trusted me as I made her dance and move around infant of the camera. She was a trooper!

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Religion: Love

No matter your religion/denomination: may it be centered around love.
No matter your political party, may it give everyone freedom.
At the end of the day our birthplace is earth. And our race is human..

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An Iris Review: DIY Unicorn Headband

OH, this was an adorable little review. First, Iris and I made her headbane while taking pictures. Then I set up the camera on a tripod, took a seat on the couch {her decision... not mine} and let her have at it! Needless to say, this will be the first of many reviews for as long as she wants to do them.

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