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Little Vignette's of Life


I do my best to be a story teller. My passion is to document and photograph the life of those around me.
I hope you enjoy these little vignettes and adventures here in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Christopher - Portraits

This was an overall great photo session with a super cool guy. They don't get much cooler than Chris.

We spent most of our time together talking about his interest in sport videography. I didn't have much insight to give him on that topic other than he should definitely go for it! He was particularly interested in moving to Colorado to film skiers and snowboarders in the mountains. Dang.  It takes an ambitious person to have the drive to film high intensity sports in the freezing cold mountains. I told him to scout great photo locations for future brides who want to get adventurous for their bridal sessions! 

We ended the evening with stopping at my all time favorite small business in Loveland, Oh... I'm not biassed. We visited Plaid Room Records and found we had the same music interest in common. An overall, super rad dude! ... Is that still cool to say? ... Well, either way, I said it.

Best wishes on your adventures, Chris! Don't forget about us here in Ohio!