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An Iris Review: DIY Unicorn Headband

An Iris Review : DIY Unicorn Headband Kit

OH, this was an adorable little review. First, Iris and I made her headbane while taking pictures. Then I set up the camera on a tripod, took a seat on the couch {her decision... not mine} and let her have at it! Needless to say, this will be the first of many reviews for as long as she wants to do them.

Ok, let's dive into my first review ever!
I stumbled upon this DIY Kit on Etsy. I can't remember why or how, but at some point I found myself scrolling through this shop and fell in love! I ordered two headband kits. One for Iris and one for her 'cousin', Josie. It shipped quick and everything was included! For a $10, it is quite a steal! Iris and I give this the gold star of approval, she already wants to order another one!

Price   //   $17.40 for two kits and shipping
Iris' Final Thoughts   //  "I love it because I really really like the ears! And did you know that Sparkles are my favorite color?" - Iris

This is how our kit was shipped, I printed out the picture. I didn't have instructions with me BUT that doesn't mean PrettyInPinkSupply didn't send it. I probably lost it ... whoops

After unwrapping it was time to assemble! All we had to do was measure the size we wanted for the elastic band and glue the pieces on. The unicorn horn came with a sticky tab but I didn't trust it to not fall off. We took apart the flowers so we could spread them out evenly and glued everything down. Simple as that!

And that's a wrap on Iris' first ever blog post. Cheers!

To Future Iris: You did a beautiful job on your first video! I set you up with the camera and you made me sit on the couch while you crushed it. It was hilarious to watch! You talked for about 8-10minutes and when you were done, you were DONE! within minutes you changed back into your pjs and were back in your room playing play-dough.  Love you, you rotten kid ;]  
xoxo - mom

Enjoy these bonus raw images of our work 'Behind the Scenes'. Photographed you'll see the the messy couch, the sleeping bags Terry & Iris were eating breakfast in ... {yep, they're weird} and my outfit of the day #ootd! Not photographed is a giant pile of laundry and dishes left over from breakfast. Doesn't get more raw than that.