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I'm glad you are here! This is where I share my full photo sessions, fun life events and any ole photo gig I find myself booking. I enjoy telling funny moments behind the scenes of my photo sessions, there is so many memories made behind the camera. And I LOVE spilling secrets and tricks of the trade when I can. Enjoy yourself!

Now Sharing: Camera User Settings

That's right! I'm going to share my manual settings, lens choices and camera choices. Why? ... Why not.

I can't emphasize enough that every photographer has their own comfortable way of shooting. That is how you get a wide range of photography businesses. I may shoot differently than other photographers but it doesn't mean I'm right or wrong. It just means I'm different, which is what every artists should be. The same theory applies to athletes, chefs and musicians. We all have similar equipment, it's how you use it that makes you different.

I'm sure other photographers who will turn their nose up to my choices and that's ok. I have never claimed to be the perfect, trendy, know-it-all photographer. I will never EVER say you have to have the best gear. You can buy me a Bob Ross's paint and brush kit and I STILL wont be able to paint those damn happy trees.

My stance will be always be that I'm just a lady with a camera! I have no elite status whatsoever! So now, go follow me on Instagram ;]

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- Whitney

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