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I'm glad you are here! This is where I share my full photo sessions, fun life events and any ole photo gig I find myself booking. I enjoy telling funny moments behind the scenes of my photo sessions, there is so many memories made behind the camera. And I LOVE spilling secrets and tricks of the trade when I can. Enjoy yourself!  


Dusty Spring Wedding

Allow me to introduce Clementine & John, our made-up couple who inspired us as we designed their spring wedding! Stop by the blog to see the full post, it's a pretty cute one!

Senior Portrait - Abigail

I love when I get to photographing Seniors like Abigail! She's has a shy soul but somewhere inside is the confidence of a queen. I was able to take her light hearted personality and share it with the world! We both wanted to capture ‘movement’ in her photos and she trusted me as I made her dance and move around infant of the camera. She was a trooper!


Im-Home Newborn - Gunnar

Sweet little Gunnar! He was such a trooper during his newborn session. In-Home newborn sessions is the best way to capture a baby at their calmest. They know they are safe, comfortable and that mom and dad are near. Photographing babies in their cozy element is by far the best! His room was filled with cozy blankets, soft music and even a baby space heater. Not much gets cuter than that! Great job Gunnar! 



Here she is! Our Geode Wedding! Our geode wedding was created inside The Skeleton Root for 20-30 of our couples closest friends and family. Although our venue has a modern feel, we had plenty of earthy pieces to tie in our geode inspiration. Scattered throughout our venue were stones, crystals, florals, and wine; most everything in their raw elements. 


What's Changed??

Many things have changed the last few years. All for the better! I've made mistakes, I've grown and I'm now moving forward. Clean Slate. I went MIA from 2016-2017. I feel like I owe an explanation to those who supported me the last 7 years. I have always wanted my clients to feel like family; a name change and team change deserves an explanation of how my life changes affect the business. 


One year Photos - June

Oh, June. This little blondie is already in love with the very best life has to offer. Animals, Music & Bubbles. I can't think of three better things to put in a list. Her little spirit is kind and gentle. She's destined to do great things. Enjoy just a few of my favorite images of the most appropriately named baby around. June!.

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