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W H I T N E Y & I R I S


Whitney A. Pelfrey

Well hello new friend. My name is Whitney Pelfrey!  I bet you are wondering who I am. Allow me to give you my peek into my life as your potential photographer and possible new best friend!

Whitney the Photographer:
As much as I like to think my photos speak for itself, I know that's not always the. So the next few sentences I'm going to speak on what I hold in high value as a photographer and business owner. I'll keep is short and sweet!

The best way I can explain how I photograph is in a simple phrase that is starting to become my business motto:: I do not pose my clients, I direct moments with my clients. After many years, I've found the best way to capture raw moments is to force myself to become your new best friend during our time together to prove to you that I am here to make you look and feel your best!  The moment you realize I'm 100% on your side, your entire countenance will change and your guard will begin to drop. I'm on your team; I. Got. You!

Years down the road when you look back at your photos and think "Wow! That photo is SO Raven! {or whatever your name is}". This type of photography is called "Lifestyle Photography", it's not easy but it's SO worth it. At the end of the day I am an artist who lives off of freelance work and my small business, and I love it!

My camera, direction and natural light expertise + personality and passion for life = Precious Photographs.

Whitney the Person:
I have been infatuated with photography since I was 15 years young... and I'm now 26. That's a long time to be doing any one hobby!  I had a great front row seat into the life of a photographer from my older sister, Stephanie. Stephanie had a great reputation with her photography business but most importantly with how she treated others. I admired what she did and was proud to work along side her when I could.

I started my own little business under my own name in 2010, when I was 19. I've been in love ever since. Since then life has changed for the better. I was blessed with a beautiful little girl. Sweet little Iris Danielle has been a blessing in my life. I squeeze her entirely too much but she doesn't know it's a bad thing yet! Iris likes to make visits with me on photo shoots and is just the funniest little assistant. I can't wait to show her the world of photography. I look forward to teaching her how to create and capture raw moments and showing her the joy and happiness we can get through images. I also look forward to her teaching me what's cool and trendy these days.... It's a win win partnership we have goin' on.

Oh, and in case you are wonder... Yes, I did use to be blonde. Photos of me as a blonde will pop up from time to time. Fear not, for it is I.

Life is good and beautiful for me and Iris. It's very difficult being a single mom while running a business by myself. But I'm surrounded by a beautiful support system who reminds me that I'm doing ok. And I think I'm starting to believe them ;]

So it's Iris and I against the world!

So that's all I've got for ya. Cheers to a lovely life! And Cheers to whoever read through these paragraphs. Iris and I are sending love and good vibes!

..... still can't get enough of me? Stop by my blog page to see what trouble I've been getting myself into.