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Welcome, new friend! My name is Whitney, I’m the mother of a precious 5-year- old daughter, Iris Danielle. I’m the owner of Native Iris Photography est. 2010 and the founder and lead stylist of Iris & Honey Elopements. I’m a creator by trade!

I've been infatuated with photography since I was 15 years young... I'm now 26. I had a front row seat into the life of a photographer from my older sister, Stephanie. Stephanie had a great reputation with her photography business but most importantly with how she treated her clients. I admired what she did and was proud to work along side her when I could. She has since packed up her family and moved to Tanzania, Africa as she runs her mission work. I would be honored if you could take a look at what she's doing, she's wonderful! SIFA THREADS.

Life is good and beautiful for me and Iris. It's a thrilling life I live as a single mom as well as a business owner. It's stressful at times, but thrilling nonetheless. So it's Iris and I against the world!

Aaaand that's all I've got for ya. I hope I have the honor of meeting you in person.
Cheers to a lovely life! And Cheers to whoever read through these paragraphs. Iris and I are sending love and good vibes!


Iris & Honey’s mission is to use my 8 years of knowledge and experience in the wedding industry to design and curate the wedding of your dreams. I am bridging the gap between local artists and non-traditional couple by offering one-of-a-kind wedding designs and wedding installations.  We are here to change the wedding industry game by using your budget and our design expertise to style the wedding of your dreams. That right! Just like any true artists working on an customized installation project (ahhem ... thank you anthropologie); we get a budget and we curate the hell out of every single dime.

The name Iris & Honey was inspired by, you guessed it, Iris. She refers to Me, her [soon to be] Step-Dad and all of her other loved ones as her ‘Honeys’. What a better way to honor her and those she holds dear in her heart. While this business was inspired by her, it was created for you.