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whitney Pelfrey


Welcome, new friend! My name is Whitney, I’m the mother of a precious 5-year- old daughter, Iris Danielle. I’m the Photographer/Owner of Native Iris Photography est. 2010, Curator of Tupelo House, a creative workspace and venue in downtown Loveland, Oh.

I reside in the happiest town on earth, Loveland Ohio, where Terry and I raise our child to be a music lover, tiny ninja warrior and all around hippie. We spend our spare days swimming in our pool, biking on the trail or dreaming of our next camping adventures. We find our peace and our state of being when we are camping, all three of us thrive in the wilderness! Iris is now 6 and she loves being an 'adventure girl' and is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior. She loves watching Bob Ross Joys of Painting and enjoys dragging a string around for our cat Sharon. She's a sweet girl that will shock you with really adult like humor. She's an absolute dream, I bring her with me on gigs from time to time. 

I believe kindness can cure much of our Nation's problems. I've never met a dog I didn't like. And I am a HUGE supporter of our Cincy Girl Gang members ... we even have t-shirts and leather bracelets! I believe there's been wonderful progress in our community regarding the discrimination of race, class and gender, but I also think we have a long ways to go. I believe in open conversation weather it be about health, depression, anxiety or ones love for ice cream. I believe we are stronger together than divided, I am counting down the days until we have a new president and am hoping we make a change for the better. 

Life is good and beautiful for me and Iris. It's a thrilling life I live as a single mom as well as a business owner. It's stressful at times, but thrilling nonetheless. So it's Iris and I against the world!
xo - whitney


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